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"Music living in its own spheres - like fallen out of time"

circle&wind aka Viola Petsch is a musician and contemporary artist living in Wuerzburg.


Her work comes from the inside.


Neither afraid of the beauty 

nor the dark. 

Purist clarity in all its vulnerability meeting a raw, profound and intense force. The symbiosis of two elements, this is circle&wind.

Warm, deep vibes full of emotion and a captivating voice, which covers you with words and won’t let you go again.

With her haunting, almost fragile voice and her reduced yet driving sound, circle&wind spreads her own wonderful magic.

In June 2021 firstling “O” was self-released: five chapters that tell their very own and old story of dying and living, the ambivalence of being, of giving and being taken, a journey of change.

The release of her new single "colors" on June 9th 2023 marks the beginning of a new musical chapter.

In „colors“ the musician sings about her inner world of colors. Some of these colors might be as dark as the new sound of single, which appears to be gloomier than the songs from her debut EP. But it is rather about the interplay of all different colors. Every color wants to be lived and felt in all its facets: "I wanna feel it all!"

c&w loves to collaborate: In June 2021 c&w was featured on the ISON album "AURORA" with the track "Penumbra". Two years later c&w worked with ISON again. The single "Radiant void" was released on the album "STARS & EMBERS" in 2023. In spring 2023 "Sorrow" was released,  a collaboration with Post Rock artist "Six Days Of Calm" for his upcoming album "My Little, Safe Place" (Nov. 2023).

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