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circle&wind is the symbiosis of two elements: puristic clarity in its vulnerability meets a raw, deep and intense force. Warm, deep vibes full of emotion and a captivating voice, which covers you with words and won’t let you go again. With her haunting, almost fragile voice and her reduced yet driving sound, circle&wind spreads her own wonderful magic.

In June 2021, firstling “O” was self-released. Five chapters are telling their very own and old story of dying and living, the ambivalence of being, of giving and being taken, a journey of change.

“A very own story” also describes the musical path, circle&wind aka Viola Petsch has gone so far. Although music and especially singing were an integral part of the Wuerzburg-based musician and contemporary artist, there wasn’t the typical career of a musician. Instead, Viola completed her studies and found a “normal” job. Music and art had never been gone, but they had never completely been there either – until life crossed this path and music and art finally became priority.


There’s an inner tranquility that has no equal breathing on „O“. Various facets shimmer in circle&wind, but a pure minimalism and light-footed melancholia are omnipresent. The artist opens up new worlds to bring them together.


A short, virtual exchange with Sharon van Etten, who was curious how circle&wind might sound, was a  significant moment on the way to the debut EP. This turned out to be an impulse to start with the first demo recordings. Another piece of the puzzle was the collaboration with musician and producer Nikita Kamprad (Der Weg einer Freiheit), whom she also build their studio and atelier with, “a place, where everybody’s comfortable.” From that moment on, circle&wind was able to unleash her very own dynamic – as intuitively as possible.


Nikita Kamprad, who’s actually part of the metal genre, has created a sound for circle&wind, which gives this EP an emotional depth and power due to sophisticatedly sensitive as well as opulent arrangements. When the guitars’ echoes spook about the filled corridors of one’s own inner life, the full intimacy of the production can be heard.




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